Vivian’s Story

Vivian's family

Written by Amy and Seth, Vivian’s parents
On Thanksgiving Day 2011, our seven-month-old daughter, Vivian, underwent her first surgery to remove a tumor in her upper airway. It was our first hospital experience ever. Vivian had had a traumatic code blue and our minds and our hearts were reeling with emotion.

Baby Vivs

They were the darkest day of our lives as we wondered if our daughter was going to live, yet it was one of the brightest the day we were introduced to JW House. I had so much emotion that I broke down crying when the door opened and we were greeted.


As Vivian’s complications progressed, we learned that begin tumors were growing from her tongue down her airway. Each hospital visit, we were so grateful to have a place to be a family, just steps away from the ICU.


JW house has completely changed the typical cold, stark hospital experience to one of warmth and comfort. Nine months after our first visit to the hospital, Vivian received a tracheostomy to breathe on her own. We never expected this to be our journey, but we are so thankful for the lifelong friends and ongoing support we have received from JW House and this experience.

Vivs with 49ers

We are so grateful that JW’s dream was fulfilled. Vivian, now three, has held each of her birthday parties at JW House. We want to teach her to give back to the places that mean the most to her, and JW House has done so much for our family. Instead of gifts, guests bring donations of much needed goods and money for JW House. We are so glad that we get to teach our daughter to be a part of the JW House family!


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