Built by the Community,
for the Community

JW House would not exist without generous donations from caring people like you!

Other Ways to Give

Whether you’re an individual, a business, or a Foundation that supports JW House with in-kind donations or cash donations (cash, company matching, a gift of stock, real estate or a planned gift), our JW House families are extremely grateful for your help while they are in a time of crisis.

For more information, please contact (408) 606-8545 or info@jwhouse.org

Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

Recommend a gift to JW House via your Donor Advised Fund: a tax-efficient way to manage charitable donations.

Legacy Giving

From bequests to naming JW House as a retirement plan or life insurance beneficiary, legacy gifts will help JW House serve families facing medical crises for generations to come.

For Our Belgian Donors

JW’s family is from Belgium

Belgische donors kunnen fiscaal aftrekbaar storten (vanaf €40) op rekening BE10 0000 0000 0404 van de Koning Boudewijnstichting
Brederodestraat 21, B-1000 Brussel. Vermeld a.u.b. *** 623/3620/40081 *** op je overschrijving.

Indien je je gift liever online overmaakt, klik dan hier en volg de richtlijnen. Alvast van harte bedankt voor je steun!