The Hankins Family

Skyler loved the stress-free environment where he could just run and play.

“My son, Skyler, has multiple health conditions, but you would never know because he’s always happy no matter what. In March, at just 18 months old, we learned he has severe Chiari malformation. He had brain surgery in April.

We never had any luck finding an affordable hotel room, even the night before brain surgery. We frequently traveled 2-7 hours, often in horrendous traffic, each way. I missed my three older children, my family, and everyday things like a hot shower and a home cooked meal. I didn’t have a big support system to begin with, and the more we traveled for his care, the more isolated I became.

In July, the severity of his headaches was increasing again, to the point of causing vomiting. His neurosurgeon ordered another sedated MRI followed by an appointment the next day. I was dreading the long drives back and forth, scared to death of driving hours with no one in the back seat to monitor his breathing after sedation.

I had recently heard of JW House and decided to call. By some miracle there was one room available. But they provide so much more than just a bed…

The House is run by volunteers who are all incredibly friendly and welcoming. The volunteers make home cooked meals and fresh baked goods every day. They talk with you, listen, and genuinely care. They go above and beyond to make every visitor feel at home. I wasn't so lonely here. And Skyler loved the stress-free environment where he could just run and play.

JW House provided a place of respite when we needed it most, and will continue to do so as Skyler continues his battle with Chiari. No one should have to fight for their life alone and no family should be forced to be separated.”

-Jessica Hankins