Hotel Partners

Our dedicated hotel partners allow us to offer subsidized hotel stays to families in medical crises when JW House is at capacity.* All of our partner hotels are located in Santa Clara County, minutes from several hospitals and treatment centers. Families staying at a partner hotel have access to hotel amenities and are encouraged to visit JW House for complimentary use of our Day Use and Dinner is Served services.

Thank you to our current partner hotel:


*Hotel availability is limited. Please contact JW House for current accommodation options.

**All overnight guests must be referred by a hospital social worker (see below).

Overnight guests must be referred to JW House by the hospital social work department.

  • JW House accommodations are extremely limited and will be offered based on availability.
    • Availability for extensions can be discussed as the check-out date approaches but is not guaranteed.
    • Families in need of extended accommodations may request to stay at our single-family extended-stay apartment.
  • When the House and partner hotel rooms are full, referrals and extension requests will be placed on our Waitlist.
  • Accommodations will not be confirmed until 3-7 days before the requested check-in date.
  • We ask for $70 per night, however, no family is turned away due to their inability to pay. Other financial arrangements can be made in severe hardship and financial need cases.

Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • DISTANCE - family lives 50+ miles from the referring hospital
  • FINANCIAL NEED - low-income, unemployed, unexpected financial burden, etc.
  • HARDSHIP STATUS - single parent, no car, etc.
  • SEVERITY OF PATIENT ILLNESS - NICU, PICU, Pediatric, and Comfort Care cases are given priority


Hospital Social Services Information:

  • CHONC Pediatric Hospital: (408)-558-3642
  • El Camino Care Mountain View: (650)-940-7300
  • El Camino Care Los Gatos: (408)-378-6131
  • Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara: (408)-851-7080
  • Regional Medical Center: (669)-313-7339 (Before 2pm), (669)-313-6184 (After 2pm)
  • Santa Clara Valley Medical: (408)-885-5504
  • Stanford: (650)-723-5091 (Case Management), (650)-725-4053 (Housing)

Click here for our Overnight Guest Referral FormIf you are a hospital social worker in need of the password to this form, please contact:

Vicky Choa at or (408) 246-2224.