Knapen Family Update 2018


Happy Birthday, JW, and Happy Birthday to JW’s dream! We can hardly believe 10 years have come and gone - how quickly the time goes when you are surrounded by such energy, love, and generosity!

In the 10 years since its opening, JW House has remained a central part of our family life. Anne Marie volunteers at the house every Tuesday morning, and the rest of the week she is working behind the scenes attending meetings and events to keep JW House’s mission alive and possible. Geert puts his technical and finance skills to use on the Board of Directors and loves dreaming of expanding our services and accommodations. Elisabeth and Helena are back in the area and enjoy stopping by the House to talk with volunteers and families, cook dinner, or help out with events. Alexander has taken over a little piece of the website - Alexander’s Corner - to share guests’ stories and show the community the great impact their generosity has on JW House families.

A lot has changed in the past 10 years, but the community support that built this house remains as strong today as it was when JW was here with us. Here’s to many more years of bringing hope, hospitality, and healing to the families we serve!

Love Always,

The Knapens

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